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Hi Sms lovers, Happy Propose day to you. Here in this article I'v collected some propose day quotes for you. I hope that these propose day quotes for lovers will help you to get their love. Propose day is celebrated on 8th February of the valentine week. On this day people who love someone will say their feeling with their girlfriend or boyfriends. Why not you also tell your feelings with these propose day special sms.propose smsbangali propose sms proposedaysmshindiPropose to your boyfriend quotes Send these propose day msgs with your lover on their Facebook message and also on WhatsApp message.

Propose day quote in English

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"Glad Propose Day Dear Sweetie  
I never found In My Life… 
so sweet a face… 
As That I remained before… . 
My heart has cleared out.. 
It is home and can give back no more 
Be with me until the end of time.." 

propose day shayari in hindi
happy propose day shayari hindi
propose day hindi shayari

shayari on propose day
" With Every Beat Of My Heart,
I Will Love You More And More,
After Years Of Togetherness This
Is My Solemn Vow For You,
My Love! Happy Propose Day Sweet Heart."

Propose Day Sms

propose day quote for girlfriend

"As far as it matters for me,, 
I consider that it will be found, 
Vastly improved by all gatherings, 
To leave The past to history, 
Particularly as I propose, 
To compose that history myself. 
I Love You." 

propose day poetry in English

"If I Found You Alone, Will Propose You..
If I Found Life 7 Times Will Be With You
If I Reached 4 Your Hand, Will You Hold It..
If I Hold Out My Arms, Will You Hug Me...
If I Go For Your Lips, Will You Kiss Me.
If I Capture Your Heart, will you love me.
Happy Propose Day 2016!!!"

propose day hindi sms
propose day sms for girlfriend
propose day quotes

happy propose day quotes

"Take her back to the first eatery where, 
"U" ate and astound her with the ring… 
"U" can orchestrate the server to exhibit 
It to her with the sweet… . 
Have Very Happy Valentines Day" 

happy propose day sms for gf

Today 8th February Is
The Second Day Of Valentine Week
Which Just Started Two Days Back.
Love Has Started Floating In The Atmosphere
And igniting everybody’s Heart
For Their True Love.

"In this entire world U R just someone, 
and for someone U R the entire world… . 
That dumb some individual is me.??? 
I adore u so some individual… 
Glad Propose Day this some individual.." 

I Love you message for propose day

"If..?? Roses were Black and violets were cocoa, 
My adoration for "U" would never be discovered .!! 
Be that as it may, "Roses" R red and violets are blue… 
All I need to say Just is..!!! 
I LOVE "U" So Happy Propose Day.." 

propose day sms
happy propose day sms

propose day sms in hindi

" "U" "R" like the daylight <… .> so warm, 
"U" "R" like sugar <… . >so sweet, 
"U" "R" like you… .. 
Also, that is the reason Dear .. 
why I cherish you So Much … " 

Propose day messages for girlfriend

The Sweetest Way To Propose:
“Excuse Me, Do You Have A Band Aid,
Because I Scrapped My KneeWhen I Fell In Love With You.
”Cho Chweet…Happy Propose Day SMS

"I looked over at him. Is that a proposition? 
I am not certain. It just popped out.
Would Explain Me …".

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